SMARTWATCH150 failure to honor

I purchased an Apple SE watch for my son last December for Christmas based on Verizon’s promise to give $150 off with code SMARTWATCH150.  I entered the code and was charged the $21 in taxes.  I have called at least four times asking why the two bills I have received sense purchasing the watch still do not show the credit.  The representatives in the first three calls said to wait because it takes time to show the credit.  I called again yesterday and the representative said there  is no record of me having this offer.  I explained that I can still get the offer currently but he said he had no way of knowing personal Verizon offers and the best he could do was help with the restocking fee of my current watch so that I could return it and purchase a new one with the code I have in my account for $150 off a smart watch.  This is a ridiculous solution and I made sure to express my displeasure,  however, he said this was the only option for me to have Verizon  honor the $150 off.  I got off the call and looked at my account and I am past the return window for my watch.  How do I get Verizon to honor their promise of $150 my smartwatch?

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We are always here and ready to assist at a moments notice! We definitely understand your concern, and we are determined to get you the best resolution! We will be sending you a Private Note to continue! *Jorge