Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 LTE version IMEI # not in database - cannot get activated
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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 LTE.  I went to our Verizon store to get it added to our mobile plan.  I was unable to accomplish this in the Watch app so thought it would be faster at the store.  Unfortunately, it was not faster and an hour later my watch was still not activated on our plan.  The error the salesperson was getting (and after a long call to tech support) was that the IMEI # was not in the Verizon database.  This is a Samsung watch.... I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone, both with the latest software updates (which was one of the Verizon online suggestions if activation didn't work - make sure all software updates were installed).  Tech support stated it could be up to 72 hours for my ticket to be addressed and possibly resolved.  POSSIBLY resolved!!!!  AND if it could not be resolved, they would try to have an offer (for some type of replacement) for me to resolve the issue.  I paid in full for the watch which was an unlocked LTE watch..... I don't want some ridiculous offer, I want my watch activated.  Apparently, there is some "back door" way to possibly get my IMEI number added to the database.  Well, we are going on close to 72 hours, no information received from Verizon tech support, and I am tired of being on hold, going through automated systems, and being directed to some chat tech support with scripted answers.  I have contacted the retail store where I purchased the phone (they are not aware of any Verizon issues with watches they have sold?????), I have contacted Samsung who states there should not be a problem (?????) and now I wait...... on Verizon......  I do not want to go past my 14 day return deadline before getting an answer.  So HELP!!!!!!  from a very unsatisfied Verizon customer.....

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