Samsung Galaxy Watch bombarded with spam calls

Very recently I added two Samsung Watches on my Verizon account. After the extremely frustrating activation process as the directions provided say they are for iPhone and Apple watch, and neither of my devices are Apple, I finally was able to activate them without the useless help from tech support, both watches are receiving dozens of spam calls all day long. If my account is supposed to be covered under Verizon support and tech coaching, which Verizon loaded on my phone, why can't I add these apps to the watch? Why can I not change the phone number for the watch online like I could for the phones under my account? When I clicked to change the number, only the phones show as available to change the number and neither watch is displayed. I don't want to change my primary phone number, just the number associated to the watch. I do not want to number share as I will get frustrated when my phone rings as well as the watch over dozens of spam calls all day long. Not kidding, my watch has received 27 calls from 7am to 6:22pm today. This is ridiculous and I am not happy Verizon!

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