Unlocking Apple Watch for overseas military
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I am trying to unlocked my Apple Watch but I have no way to contact Verizon.  My account is suspended because I am military overseas and I have a local number.  I can’t log into my account online because it sends a verification to your Verizon number.   I’ve tried the international support line but it asks for a pin, which obviously doesn’t exist because this isn’t a Verizon number.  I tried the landline support number but it just repeatedly says “Your call cannot be processed at this time, please try again later.”   Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Unlocking Apple Watch for overseas military
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Jeffrieswj1, thank you for your service. We're truly sorry to hear about the trouble you're running into when trying to manage your account while overseas. We'd be happy to help and will be sending a Private Note for further review.