Verizon lied about the price of my watch, TWICE!
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I bought a Galaxy Watch4 a week after buying my phone because I saw they had two promotions going. One was a general promotion for the watch which was $120 off, then another for $150 off because I recently bought the Galaxy S22 Ultra as well. So whoever I talked to on the phone while ordering the watch told me I would be getting BOTH promotions, and that it would take 1-2 billing cycles. So far I only have one of the promotions, the cheaper $120 off promotion. I am 1-2 billing cycles into owning the watch now.

To make matter worse, after receiving the watch I also noticed they charged me $419 instead of what the Samsung website advertises the watch for, $379 at the time. So I called and they told me they would be giving me $50  credit on my next bill. (THEY DIDN'T SURPRISE!)

When I just called in today, the customer service lady, Vanessa, told me they only do one promotion at a time, not two. AND that they don't price match!! I could understand these issues if they told me that when buying the watch, but no one ever mentioned these things. Vanessa told me that their was a note on my account that I called in "concerned" about the price difference, but they never actually gave me credit for it.

When I told Vanessa that they promised me the price difference, she told me it was my word vs. his!!! WHAT THE?!? This is not a court room, it's not an argument! It's a misunderstanding.

Verizon has been good to me for the most part, but this is straight up insanity. I was lied to, not once, but TWICE!

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