Verizon refuses to fix trade in cancellation.
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On 11/06/2021 I purchased a Galaxy Watch 4 and traded in my old galaxy watch for a $200 credit. It was received and the credit amount was approved. On 11/20/2021 I had a rep replace my watch due to it having a hardware issue. The rep said the trade in credit/promo/whatever would be transferred to the new device and it was until a day later when Verizon cancelled it. I have been fighting with customer disservice since the end of November to get the trade in credit reapplied. Keep getting told "it will be!" or "sorry nothing we can do". The support tickets are also a joke as nobody clearly knows how to use them and think that it is a live chat. Every ticket I have submitted has ended with "need more information" then being closed. I am sick of this B S and my next step is to cancel all my lines and go elsewhere unless someone can actually fix this $crew up. I have called the "trade in team" which gets me nowhere. I have called the made up sounding "fallout promo team" which ended in more lies. Also this forums content filter is plain absurd.

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