Wrong device delivered and VZW can't/won't help

I ordered an Apple Watch a couple of days ago. When I opened the box, there was a Kate Spade iPhone Max cover (which we most definitely did not order) and no Apple Watch. According to VZW's online resources, it's a successful delivery and that's that. There's no way to trace what happened and they consider the matter closed.

I've been trying to reach a representative via phone, chat, or store. I haven't been able to reach anyone for hours. The online system says I need to schedule an appointment, and that'll take at least three days to a week before I can get a callback or store slot. Even then, they'll likely open an investigation, which means weeks before resolution. 

We can't cancel or return the order, obviously, because we don't have the Apple Watch to send back. Nor can we buy an Apple Watch elsewhere and attach it to that line because it was an upgrade and the system's connected the non-existent delivery to the line.

Basically, VZW totally messed up an order and sent us a $20 piece of junk rather than the $450 item we bought, and we have no means to correct or resolve the situation. 

Any help on how to get in touch with someone at VZW who can resolve things is rather urgently needed. Thanks in advance.

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