very bad experience from live chat.

I just had a live chat, because apple watch which I bought from Verizon has issue.

It clearly has a hardware issue, I just asked where I should go to replace the watch - verizon or Apple.

the agent answered so slowly., and it didn't answer about where I should go. then ask for basic troubleshooting.

them it transferred the 2nd line support team. and it asked some more questions. 

it took about 40 min. the final answer is I should reach out to Apple!

I complained about the waste of time, and the agent answered pretty rudely.

I just hung up because I didn't want to waste more time. but the experience was extremely bad.

I decided to switch the carrier.

if you have CS department, please check the chatting thread.

totally waste of my time.



Re: very bad experience from live chat.
Customer Service Rep

Hello, peter1064, thanks for reaching out about your recent experience when reaching out for support. I'm sorry this recent chat session didn't go your way and I want you to know that we are standing by to help with your concern. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.