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8X is having massive problems

My 8X was working wonderfully the first week I had it but now its the most unstable phone I have ever owned. First it started with weird sound glitches: Stock sounds like notifications were playing over and over again over each other. Next I started getting SIM card errors almost twice a day which seemed to be solved when I restarted the phone but then promptly came back several hours later. After all this, the stock apps became extremely unstable almost always crashing and when they did run they did not function correctly. I tried resetting my phone to stock and that seemed to solve the problem for a few days. But after those days all the problems came back with even more. Now my 8X randomly shuts down for seemingly no reason a all. Please Help!

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Re: 8X is having massive problems

hi ziplobob4,

I've got an 8X that has some of the same issues. Has VZW / HTC addressed the problems or did you select another device?