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A few years behind with an LG Env2

Well... my family of three has switched from various basic phones to the LG Env2. After only a few days, I'm starting to feel that I made a mistake with my choice of phones.

Am I correct that while the phone is charging there is absolutely nothing that can be done on it (not even making a call)??? Must it be unplugged in order to be used? If so, how annoying!

Also, I can't get any music on the phone. At first, I received the message that there was no driver. I downloaded a driver via the internet. However, now the phone gives me a message that it can't connect and to check the connection. My USB cord is connected fine.

I feel as though there is nowhere to turn because I have a dumb phone from the Dark Ages!

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Re: A few years behind with an LG Env2
Specialist - Level 2

We loved those phones. I use a smart phone now and hubby uses an ENV3 now but son is still using his ENV2 and won't switch until the phone dies and since that phone is no longer made he will either have to get a used one or something else basic. Get a micro memory card for the phone, it will most likely come with an adapter for the PC. Insert memory card into the phone so it can format then insert memory card into the adapter and insert that into a card slot on the computer or an external reader can be had cheap. Then drag and drop your music to the music folder on the card. You will find this so much easier than trying to bother hooking phone to computer and getting music in that way plus music files will hog up too much memory if stored internally so if you store them on memory card they won't take up space on phone. Mary

Re: A few years behind with an LG Env2
Customer Service Rep


When it comes to the LG EnV2, no need to have any regrets. And I hope to convince you otherwise. First of all, it's a bit weird that you're unable to do anything with the phone charging. What kind of screen are you showing while charging? For now, please pull the battery and try again. Regarding uploading music, you will need to purchase a removable memory card for this product so you can start jamming out.

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Re: A few years behind with an LG Env2
Master - Level 3

As everyone else already said, using a media card is much easier. Plus, as Mary said, you'll want the extra storage for your pics.

I'm not sure why you can't use the phone while charging. You should be able to. Is that happening on all three of your EnV2s?

I wouldn't feel regret. It's a decent phone with great keyboards and a pretty good camera for a basic phone. I think you can find solutions to whatever you want to do, and if you are satisfied with your device of choice, that's all that matters.