AT&T has great support for WP, why not VZW?
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So first the Lumia 928 is released in only black and white, even though Nokia had made a cyan and red version. Why?

The Lumia Icon was ready from Microsoft/Nokia to be released in November 2013, but Verizon didn't release it until after the holiday season in February 2014 after poor marketing. Now after only 8 months, its being retired. Why?

The Lumia 930 is the equivalent of the Lumia Icon, except the 930 has been released overseas in multiple colors. Verizon only offered, again, black and white. Why?

Lumia Cyan. AT&T was able to test and release Lumia Cyan for the Lumia 1020 by August (2 months ago), for the Lumia 920 and 820 it was released early last month. No Windows Phone on Verizon has yet received this update (nor does Verizon care to enlighten us as to when we can expect it). Why?

Microsoft announced two new phones at the same time this year: The Lumia 735 and 830. It later came out that AT&T would get the 830 and Verizon would get the 735. AT&T will have the 830 hitting the shelves on Friday, November 7th. Verizon seems to have decided to postpone the release of the 735 until after the holiday season (much like the Icon). Oh and by the way, the Lumia 735 is already being released in other countries. Why not Verizon?

AT&T has not only released their latest windows phones (the Lumia 1020 and 1520) in multiple eye catching colors (just recently adding a pretty sweet green to the 1520 collection), but they update them much timelier then Verizon too.

I love the Windows Phone OS. If I have to choose between Verizon or Windows Phone, I'll end up choosing Windows Phone on a certain other carrier that actually values the OS that I prefer. I hope Verizon changes their stance before my contract ends this summer.

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VZW has had a negative attitude against Microsoft devices for several years now.  It seems to go back to the Kin.