Adding my name to the list off angry customers Lumia 950 XL
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I certainly hope Verizon is the type of company that looks through their customer outcries to make adjustments. If that is the case, I am just adding another post of frustration. I bought my wife her iPhone 6 plus and when she asked why I didn't get one too, I told her I was waiting for the new Windows phone. She has the Surface Pro 2, I have the Pro 3 i7 model, I run 6 desktops/laptops in addition with Windows 10 at home for myself and the kids. I have my Xbox One that I like to remote into via VPN to play when out and about. The cream of the crop was going to be the new phone, figure out some way of connecting a controller to the thing VPN in to remote access my desktops with ease or play games on the XBOne. Sync my profile across the board, docking station and see how the hololens fits in and maybe even one of those wrist band things, next gen with the phone out I figured it would be improved.

So I asked someone at Best Buy the other day when the phone was coming out, they mentioned it was out for AT&T but nothing showing for Verizon. So I started to look into it and now it looks like I need to start planning my service provider switch... Sucks because Verizon has better coverage in my area. At the same time, they charge a lot more than the competition. It seems I will save money, perhaps lose a little LTE coverage generally where Verizon is already weak anyways. But I will have the much improved Camera for those family photos other phones fall short of providing. No need to reply unless you also are thinking of switching carriers for the phone. [removed] Last time I had a Google phone I stopped getting updates after 6 months, why I switched to the iPhone. I think the Share of the market could have jumped with this line, I don't know who to blame but now I need to sacrifice service to get the features that I desire. To all those here griping keep it up!


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