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Alternate Replacements...

Hi! I had my 8X for about 2 months before it started to have issues (not being able to receive attachments for a while, beats audio/speaker issues, etc.) until I had it alternately replaced with the Galaxy S III. I've had the S III for about a month now and I recently updated my phone to the latest OS (4.1.2) and now i'm having dropped calls, my lock screen has had some security issues (not locking or locking and opening back up automatically). After weighing these issues out, I came to the conclusion and I was better off staying the 8X because of Android's instability and constant crashes. I wanted to know if it was possible to get my old phone back (I wasn't told whether I was or not by the representative upon replacing the phone; so the misinformation shouldn't be my fault). Hopefully I can because it's the phone that I paid for ($199) and the alternate replacement was free. I would rather take the lesser of the two and deal with some speaker issues than to have a phone crashing. Hopefully this is possible. Thanks!

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Re: Alternate Replacements...
Customer Support

Hello GiftedSoul,

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device. We can certainly look into options for getting it working again. Now with the CLNR process, devices are usually replaced with the same model device. Obviously you had an alternate replacement so it is not out of the question to have it done again, but we would first need to figure out what is happening with the current device. To look at the dropped signal issue we want you to first power off the phone and remove the sim card and leave it out for 30-45 seconds before re-inserting. This should reset the network. Also have you installed any apps recently that coincided with the issue? You can run the device in safe mode. If that does not work then we will like to try a hard reset (back up content before doing so) If this does not work then we can certainly look into replacement options. Please keep us updated.