Audio problems

I've been transferred three times, spent 1:24 minutes on hold - Still holding, It is impossible to get thru technical support.  My phone doesn't work - The audio doesn't play and I can only talk when I'm on speaker phone. I need a phone replacement, I just got this one a couple of weeks ago. Please help!!!

I can't stay on the phone this long,

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Re: Audio problems
Customer Service Rep

We definitely appreciate you reaching out to us today Nokia99! I definitely understand how important it is to have a functional device. In order to troubleshoot your device we would need to speak with you directly. At your earliest opportunity please utilize an alternative line and reach out to our Tech Support Team at 800-922-0204. I do apologize for the delay in assistance once connected. I assure you our agents are working as diligently as possible. If you do not wish to spend time on the phone please feel free to visit your local VZW Store for additional assistance, thanks!

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