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Black Screen with time problem S4

So I am currently abroad and was hoping to use my phone here with no data - only wifi. However, a week into my trip a black screen started randomly appearing with nothing but the time in white. It goes away sometimes but only to reappear when I touch the screen. I have read many forums and websites looking for a solution and nothing has worked. I have tried:

Turning off air view setting
A soft reset

A factory reset

Removing the battery for a few hours and putting it back in

Removing both the battery and sim card and putting them back in

Are there any more options, or anything else I can do?? I do not have the resources to call tech support or anything...I have the 4.4.2 update and an open faces screen.

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Re: Black Screen with time problem S4
Sr. Member

Sounds like your phone is deactivating. Are you running the latest software version? You might need a local pre-paid SIM card to activate the phone and keep it activated. I'm just guessing, but that sounds probably to me.

Re: Black Screen with time problem S4
Customer Support

I'm sorry your having issues with your phone while traveling internationally natibelle. Where are you traveling? Did you set up your phone to be used in other countries with us before you left. Do you have an active account with us? 47seijar is correct. You will need to either contact the local carrier in that country in regards to using your phone while there or contact our global support tech team. Here is a link for how to contact them .

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Re: Black Screen with time problem S4

I am in El Salvador. I did set up my phone to be used in other countries before I left, I went into a VZW store and spoke with a representative. I still have an account with you, yes. I turned off my mobile data since the charges would be more than I can afford and for the first week or so the phone worked perfectly with wi-fi only. I am definitely running the latest software, I was able to use the phone to check for updates at one point yesterday and it said there was not any. I will try to contact global support tech.

I do not know a whole lot about phones, but to me it seems like a hardware malfunction. Maybe a sensor is broken or something, could that be a cause for this problem?