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Call quality questions/concerns

I am enjoying this new HTC 8x phone but I am concerned about some of the issues I encounter when using the device as a telephone. 

1) I keep my phone on Vibrate mode and it vibrates for emails, SMS, and phone calls.   That said, for the same three items I get a noise in my ear while I am on the phone talking to someone and an email or a SMS comes in during the call.   It is a notification tone I can't find anywhere in my ringtone section.  I really shouldn't happen since I disabled all tones when going into Vibrate mode.  Any comments or suggestions on this?

2) furthermore to the phone making noises in my ear while I am on the phone I have gotten so many complaints from my callers about being unable to hear me when I use the phone itself to talk on.   I realize I am new to this rectangular phone (previously I had a small BlackBerry 9920) and positioning it may be the only problem for me.   Any tips out there from more experienced users?  I will start trying to use a Bluetooth headset but it will be tough if I have to hear a new message notice in that earpiece as well.

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Re: Call quality questions/concerns
Customer Support

Hello webobby,  I am glad to hear you are overall enjoying your new device!  Let's make sure you are able to enjoy every aspect of it!  Does the alert tone play even when the phone is set to silent?  Have you had the opportunity to test a Bluetooth or corded headset for each of these concerns?  Are you callers saying you sound muffled or far away?  Have you have a different experience while on speakerphone?  I am eager to work with you to work towards a solution!

Thank you,

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Re: Call quality questions/concerns

First - I want to bring attention to a thread about the annoying ringing tone the phone makes in vibrate mode during missed calls on the Microsoft forum that I am also following:

furthermore, I experience noises when I receive emails and SMS messages while I am on the phone and in vibrate mode.  Seems like a design flaw so far on the notification sound issue while in vibrate mode.

In regards to a headset - callers hear me better now that I pay more attention to how I hold this new phone.  I have decided that the placement of how I hold the phone is extremely important in achieving the volume level that my callers need to hear me clearly.  As i pay more attention to keeping the telephone's base pointed closer to my mouth - call quality concerns have gone down.   The speakerphone, unfortunately doesnt get very good reviews so I use it sparingly.