Calls Are Going Directly To Voicemail -- Help
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Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8.1

Suddenly all calls made to the phone's number are going to voicemail.  I do not have anything set to do that.

Forwarding is off.

WiFi is not connected.  Wi-Fi Sense is off.

airplane mode is off

Bluetooth is off

NFC is off

internet sharing is off

VPN is off

driving mode is not setup

quiet hours is turned off

The funny thing is I have another older phone that I use as a spare.  It is set to forward (*72) to the number of the Nokia Lumia 822.  If I call the old phone's number from my home phone the call is forwarded and the Nokia Lumia 822 rings.  If I call the number of the Nokia Lumia 822 from my home phone it goes directly to voicemail with a message that I am not available.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Can you clarify where the calls are being sent to? You said that they are going to voicemail but then mentioned that a message plays stating you are not available. Is this your voicemail greeting, or a network message different than your message?

I'd suggest calling Customer Service as they can best figure it out, but that detail there is very important. 

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If your phone is in a call or turned off Verizon will respond to any call with a message saying you are unavailable.  Then the caller leave a message in voicemail.

Try it.  Turn you phone off -- powered down -- and then call it from another phone.

P.S. The phone is now receiving calls now.  I suspect a glich in Verizon's routing system.