Can't access store or Backup Assistant

I have a Nokia Lumia 822 and backed up my contacts and apps.  Reset the phone because of problems I will mention.  Didn't help.  I read that to get backup assistant to work I should install updates from the store.  I can't access the store and I get the same "try again later".  I do have a wifi connection.  All this started a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that my email wasn't updating.

Right now, all of my contacts are gone and I can't access the backup, which is not making for a very happy camper.  Don't know what else to try.....any suggestions---please!?

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Re: Can't access store or Backup Assistant
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VZW Backup Assistant is a complete utter waste when it comes to Windows Phone.  Should be avoided at all costs.

Try going to Settings and tap on emails+accounts and re-enter your password for your Microsoft Account.  The Microsoft Account should be the same one you used when you first configured you phone; before the hard reset.

See if that gets into the store.