Can't call *228
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For the past few months, I've had trouble with my HTC 8X sending text messages on the Carolina West network up here, shows up as "Extended Network." When the trouble began, I tried calling *228 to update those roaming profiles, but it hasn't been able to complete the call in quite some time. If I dial it, I get "Can't Connect, Can't complete the call" immediately.

I did get this phone from a warranty with Asurion. I wonder if it's possible that there is an issue with the SIM card? Anyways, no searching on the 'net's show anyone else with this issue, so I thought I'd start a discussion here.

Thanks for any available insight. I'd love to take the phone to the Verizon store, but everyone there seems to hate Windows Phones.


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Re: Can't call *228

You don't dial *228 to update the PRL on 4G LTE phones, that function is handled by the SIM card.  You might try turning off the phone, removing the SIM card (be careful not to touch the gold contacts), waiting a few minutes, then reinserting the SIM card, turning the phone back on, and allowing the phone a few minutes to establish a fresh network connection.

Re: Can't call *228

On Some 4G Devices doing a *228 can cause harm to them..  good suggestion