Can't make calls when on the extended network.
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My son lives in a rural area that is in the extended coverage area in Oklahoma. He has never been able to make a call from his house. He can receive calls and both send and receive text messages. Data also works just fine.  I've been into the local Verizon store to have them try to fix the issue.  They first replaced the sim card and when that didn't work they replaced the phone.  We just got the new phone last week and he still can't make a call.  I have the same phone and have never had any problems making phone calls from his house.  While I was at his house this last weekend I decided to try trouble shooting the problem by swapping my sim card into his device.  After powering off both phones I swapped in my sim and brought his phone back up.  I could make phone calls and everything worked normally.  Powered his phone back off but the sim cards back and booted up and now NEITHER phone would dial out.  Went into the local store again yesterday (7/21/14) and they replaced both sim cards, but I really doubt that it will fix the problem. When in the extended coverage area both of the phones now give an immediate message to "please re-enter the ten digit phone number that you are trying to dial".  Just wondering if anyone else has seen an issue like this before?

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We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to the community forum, Gnomerpile. We certainly want to check some things as far as the provisioning of the account and the device that your son is using. Please be on the lookout for a direct message from me so I can get more information from you.

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Do you both subscribe to the Family Base? If so, try turning it off. There have been others that have had this happen to them.