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Can't save Verizon ringtones?

I purchased a ringtone from the Verizon website.  They sent it to me in a text with an MP3 attached.  While I can play the MP3 I cannot find a way to save it to my phone to actually use it as a ringtone.  When I tap the file it takes me to a Zune-like screen that plays the file and gives me the play/forward/rewind buttons but no menu (...) button for other options.  It was suggested that I send the text to my email but when I hard press the text message itself it gives me a delete option while the forward and copy options are not highlighted.  I would think that since the Mango update supports custom ringtones we could now buy ringtones from the Verizon store with no problem.  Any ideas?

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Re: Can't save Verizon ringtones?

Please let me know if you get an answer on this. I am having the same problem.

Re: Can't save Verizon ringtones?
Verizon Employee



Ringtones are fun to use in order to personalize your phone. They are not so fun if you are having trouble using them, and I completely understand that. 


When you receive the picture message with the MP3 on it, what happens if you long press the MP3? Are you given an option to save as a ringtone or sound at that point? 


Another option would be to press the Menu key when the MP3 is playing. Though it may not give the menu option on the screen, it may give you the option to save once pressing menu while it is playing. 


Please post back with your results. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to PM me with your name and mobile number. I will be happy to follow up with you. 


Thanks very much! 

Re: Can't save Verizon ringtones?



Thank you for the response.  When I long press on the MP3 attachment, a window pops up and only gives me the option to delete it.  In the same box it has forward and copy listed however those options are not highlighted to where I can actually select them.  When I quick press the MP3 a Zune-like screen pops up but it does not give me a menu option (the ... at the bottom) like it normally does if I get a picture attachment.  The only buttons that pop up are to play, fast forward and rewind. 


I will PM you with my name and phone number.  However it would help if you called me during the day when I have access to another phone. 

Re: Can't save Verizon ringtones?

To create a custom ringtone on a Windows Phone running the Mango (7720) version of the OS, follow the steps listed here:


the lack of VZW support for WP7 that was evident from the day that the Verizon CTO said they weren't interested in WP7. I saw it coming then. Just walk in to any VZW store and ask about the Trophy; the reps give you a one-word answer and walk away - they could care less. If you post a question about a Droid you get a response before day's end, though.


Alas this is something we'll be dealing with until VZW realizes the revolution that's been started by WindowsPhone. Nokia's new hardware is going to blow everything out of the water and rumor has it VZW is going to be getting one. For now my recommendation for anybody w/ a windows phone (on any carrier) is to search & participate on useful forums like WPCentral, WMPowerUser, etc.


When I walk in to a VZW store and ask about HTC Trophy Accessories and am met with anything but "we don't have any *poof*" I'll change my post.


If anybody has any question about WindowPhone or the HTC Trophy please just contact me directly via these boards and I will help you out in record time (compared to VZW :smileywink:)