Cannot Send or Receive MMS on Lumia 735

Hello All,

This is for a Lumia 735 with the latest Windows Phone 10, just updated and all is up to date

We recently went to Europe where I purchased a Vodaphone SIM.  The phone worked fine.  When we returned, I put my Verizon SIM back in and it works all except for the MMS in text messages (which worked fine prior to the Vodaphone SIM) and uploading pictures to the cloud with WiFi turned off.  Of course, I receive MMS text messages frequently and need to get it working again.  Here's what I have done.

1. Checked the available Space - 4GB

2. Added an APN manually, which matches the default from Verizon, VZWINTERNET

2b. Set this back by deleting all the APN settings I added and pressing Update Settings to get the latest cellular settings from your mobile operator

3. Tried sending a picture to myself, fails

4. Tried receiving MMS, fails

5. Turned off WiFi

6. Soft Reset (23 times so far)

7. Searched internet for about 3 hours and, no, there are no MMS settings in the SIM Settings options as this is Win 10, not 8 or 8.1

8. Tried every suggestion from the above except the developer settings route and the Hard Reset.

I would like to avoid hard reset due to the unknowns of lost data.  I have Verizon Backup Assistant up to date as well as the normal backup.  But I'm not clear on how to restore things or if I will lose them because something didn't go right.

Nevertheless, I need it fixed. 

Any suggestions.



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Re: Cannot Send or Receive MMS on Lumia 735
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You need to add the MMS APN.

APN : vzwinternet

UN: blank

PW: blank

Type: None

IP Type: IPv4v6

Proxy Server: blank

Proxy Port: blank


MMSC Port: 80

check apply this profile and save.

Re: Cannot Send or Receive MMS on Lumia 735

Thanks for the help. 

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 10 does not have a place for MMS APN.  So there is no location to enter the MMSC or MMSC Port.

What I have also discovered is this always occurs on group messages from any other phone, android or iphone.

Still stuck.