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Casio G'zOne V-Type Freezing Up

I have the same problem with my Casio V as have many others according to on-line posts.  When I go to the Verizon store where the phone was purchased, the only response is that 'we do not support that phone anymore, you need to buy a new one...'  So far, the problem mysteriously goes away in a few days only to show up again [about every 6 months over the past several years].  But this time it will not unfreeze after 4 days.  It is locked with the same "registering applications"  text and the keyboard is totally disabled, so you can't go thru the Hard Reset procedure you described.  Nor can you turn it off with the END key. I have removed the batteries, tried charging, discharging, etc but nothing changes.  In fact, you can leave the battery out for quite a while and the screen will come back to the same display without pushing the on button when you replace the battery.

I paid over $250 for a phone with the intention that it would last a long time. I simply need a reliable cell phone and service provider.  I do not need text, movies, and do-da's.  There are NO applications to register!  When this phone works, it works fine but I guess I should have bought $20 throw away phones if Casio and Verizon are not going to support their products.

I realize that I will need to replace the phone at some point, so I have been looking into other phone brands and cell carriers.


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Re: Casio G'zOne V-Type Freezing Up
Customer Support

Hello NoExs,

Having a reliable and consistent phone is something that we all can appreciate in the wireless world. The Casio V is definitely designed to withstand the test of time. I want to assist you in getting the most out of your device. May I ask does it still freezes? Is so then please advise if there is any physical or liquid damage on the phone. If not then may I ask when did you originally purchase the device? If you would like me to investigate device options for you then simply reply to this message so I can share with you.

Thank you...

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Re: Casio G'zOne V-Type Freezing Up

Thank you for your response.  My attempts to respond via e-mail did not work.


Yes, my G'zone V cellphone is still locked up with the "REGISTERING APPLICATIONS" text on the display.  I don't twitface with it, send pics, or have any added applications.  In fact, I had the Verizon store block internet & text options.  It has never been exposed to liquids and is in good physical condition.

It was purchased in May 2007 for $250 + tax, so it is about 6 yrs old*.  But as I said, I have had this locking issue every 6 months or so for the past several years.  Then it works fine again for 6 more months only to repeat the cycle.  My suspicion is that whenever the Verizon system & Tower software is updated, the OLD equipment is left behind, especially since I have not purchased the 'latest and greatest' phone and services or renewed a 2 year contract.  That is one way to bring me into the store.

* [$250 divided by 3 trouble free years means that I should have purchased a MUCH cheaper throw-away phone].

While in the San Jose area over the past weekend, I installed an older battery and plugged the phone into my car charger - and it freed up.  I was able to make/receive calls for a day until I tried the *228 update when back in my local area.  The *228,1 programming worked OK but when I tried option 2, I got an error that locked me off again.  I am in close proximity to towers.

Another symptom is that during these recurring problem periods, I often show 3 bars on the phone display that gradually decays to 'no service available' when I try making a call.  Yet I receive incoming calls without issue [when it is not locked up].

When I had temporary service over the weekend, I did not try the 'hard reset' option you mentioned since I would loose my info.  During one of these episodes last year, I asked the Verizon store about downloading my address info when I bought a new phone.  They said they could not transfer it because this phone was 'no longer supported'.  [Once again, their pressured attempts to sell me a new phone and lengthen my contract every time I go in were unsuccessful]. 

Electronic equipment either works or does not work so in my opinion, this is a software issue.  This has been very frustrating.

Steve C