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Changed phone number, now phone won't work properly
After weeks of calls for the former phone owner the last @4AM, I initiated a number change. As soon as I hung up, the phone began to work differently. Bad signal, voice calls say dialing, but never go through. IE browsing doesn't work. A tech yesterday had me switch from Global mode to CDMA, which made things work better, but not like the phone used to be. My wife bought the same phone same time and hers still has the right number of bars and 3G on. Mine now goes to 1X or 3G one bar. It is a little disconcerting to think something as simple as a number change could make a nice phone all but a paperweight...obviously if the phone was great before, then not working right afterwards, there is an issue. Tech went through all the settings on the phone. *228 etc. Suggestion was to leave in CDMA mode...yet again, phone didn't need this before and it didn't restore signal and speed that was present proof to number change.
Help please!
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Re: Changed phone number, now phone won't work properly

While I unfortunately have no idea how to fix it, I just wanted to let you know I feel your pain. I am in college, and last year I was living in the same apartment complex I lived in the year before, just a different apartment. I had the exact same phone both years, the original Droid. Yet for some reason, last year there was a 2 block radius around my apartment where I had absolutely no service whatsoever. I had to buy a network extender, and this only worked half the time. I went through EIGHT Droids, before they finally gave me a Droid 2. This Droid 2 worked with the network extender, but it made no sense to me why this was even an issue. My roommate had the HTC Incredible with Verizon, and his phone worked just fine. I went through so many tech support guys at Verizon, made it to level 3 numerous times, and they never could figure out why in the world this was happening. Go figure. They suggested changing phone numbers, but I did not do this, because I didn't want to and it made no sense why this would fix the issue. Heck, they only said it might fix the problem anyway.


Now I have the HTC Trophy and I am living in a different apartment complex. It works fine here and I ventured over that way just to test it out and it worked fine there. Makes absolutely no sense. But yeah, I feel your pain and I hope you solve your issue.

Re: Changed phone number, now phone won't work properly
Hello Byuman, while buzzing through the community center I see that you are having an issue with your Trophy. Well I may be able to provide some options or possibly resolutions. First thing how long have u had that number change done. If it was not that long try another number change. If this is to much of a nuisance, which it may or may not be you may have to wipe the device. !!! IF YOU DO PROCEED WITH A WIPE MAKE SURE YOU BACK YOUR INFORMATION UP. THAT WOULD BE THE WORSE TO LOOSE YOUR DATA. CHECK YOUR LIVE OR HOTMAIL ACCOUNT AND MAKE SURE YOUR LOGIN WORK. YOU WANT THIS TO GO AS SMOOTH. AS POSSIBLE. If all else fails, contact tech support, let them know that u wiled your phone to correct the issue and see if they can replace the phone.One or both of these options will resolve your issue. FYI u don't need to change back forth from global to cdma because what if u were traveling out of the country and they have cdma and GSM, u would be in the Same manner on thousands of miles away from home. Good luck

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Re: Changed phone number, now phone won't work properly
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Hi there! This is a unique situation and I feel your frustration!  I did not come across any related items for this phone and asked several colleagues, too. My first recommendation is a soft reset by pulling the battery for 10-20 seconds while powered on. This is a common troubleshooting step and something you may have already completed. I also want to bring up the master reset as an option. It's very important to ensure you have all your personal information backed up before the reset.  Beyond that, if the issue is not resolved, we will go where the issue began and that is to change the mobile telephone number. Maybe you would prefer that before the master reset, it's up to you. Depending on when the number was originally changed, I would think maybe you've given it out to all your friends and family by now. That's why I offer it last. I'm happy to do this for you and waive the standard 15$ fee.


Thank you!