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Compare with Nokia 920 (AT&T) Before Buying 822 (Verizon)

822 does not charge wirelessly without charging back, 920 does. 822 is 4.3", 920 is 4.5" screen. 920 has sharper screen and better front camera.

According to Verizon sales rep who said they had been to training for this phone stated that you could control childrens media usage with Kids corner. After setting up 3 of these I find out that kids corner is for setting limits for children using your phone, you still have to pay for Verizon controls to control media.

AT&T has 920 for $99 and you get the charging plate for free.

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Re: Compare with Nokia 920 (AT&T) Before Buying 822 (Verizon)

Ah, but you can get the 822 for 99 cents Friday at Wirefly, if you have an upgrade available, or if you're getting a new account, and if you have a corporate discount, you can get the charging back and plate at a discount, and I think the total is around $68.  The 920 does have a better front camera, indeed, and for that I want it to be on Verizon.  But if that's not as important to you (and indeed the 822's camera is a pretty good one - not the best, but pretty good), the 822's screen has blacker blacks and brighter colors, and can be seen in the sunlight better.  And while the 920 has 32GB and the 822 has 16, the 920 cannot be expanded, and the 822 can have a 64 GB card inserted. 

So, depending on what your individual needs are, each phone definitely has its pros and cons, and each one is definitely a strong player.