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Confused between Corporate and Affiliate stores, account is a mess!

All i did was go to the wrong store my  wife and i where getting divorced when all this was going on its a nightmare when we tried to put the account in my name only as part of the divorce in the     store filled papers with the manager3 week s later got a bill with only my ex-wifes name next two bills the same it touck   me going in to the store 7 to 10 times when i shined up for the account            was trying to an iPad and put on my account i brought my own present from my child . found out 2 weeks ago  so it begins i got a car charger from    store  wrong one the manager gave it to  me  dint work so he shoved it in to my phone it bent the prong back two weeks later back at       phone no charging the lady at      said we have ship to be fixed gave me an envelop so i mailed it  i borrowed a phone from a friend  in stead of a loaner phone my wife had to do this year's back lost pitchers numbers its was my work phone  info is my work life don't have no more bummer    this all began  at least 4 moths ago I've been lied to makes the      store  a nightmare for me my name is ken  phone number is (removed) please talk to me about this matter I've called at least   4  times just to get  a phone i had to start a new contract 8 week later just to get a phone this is only a 4th of the hassle I've had truly I've never been treated  this badly.and when i finely got my phone two moths later because they lost my phone  luckily i keep the tracking number. when i got it half  half the screen was ip numbers dint what to go into the       store . I'm***** insure claim denied  what really,i can't be leaf this whole mess happened fix problems if you  don't know what to do find some one who can !! please hat least 8 higher ups said they would get back to me why dint they ????I WAITED TWO MOTHS TO FIEL A CLAM KEEPET BLA  BLA EVERY BODY I TALK TO AT          STORE TO WAit            they don't have a clue  n help me  PLEASE HELP ME

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