Convoy 2 broken in half.

if possible I would like to retrieve contacts, pictures, and text messages.  I believe the bottom half can still power up.

I have been told that if I had another Verizon convoy 2 motherboards could be swapped and info retrieved that way.

Does anyone have experience with this problem?

Thanks, William

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Re: Convoy 2 broken in half.
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Highly unlikely that all or any of these items can be recovered.

As for contacts, if there has been a backup done via Backup Assistant Plus (through the media center in phone menu) you can then restore to another Convoy or device that is compatible with either the backup assistant or VZW cloud.

The other content is not going to be able to be swapped between two devices even if the "bottom half" can power up as there is no program or software that exists to facilitate this. This is again, even assuming that the physical damage you describe has left that info intact which is almost certainly 99.9999% not the case.

Sorry, good luck....