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Corners of my red HTC 8X are turning black

I have a HTC 8X in red from Verizon Wireless. I have had it for 2 weeks and I've noticed that the corners of the phone are turning black.

I originally thought this was due to dirt build up (which would be strange since I am VERY careful with my devices), but after reading some forums of people having similar issues, it sounds like it's the color fading off of the case.

If that's the case, this is extremely disappointing. The reason I chose this phone over the Nokia 920 was because I watched this video made by your design team ( They go on about how they had done a ton of research and landed on this beautiful design. I fully expect the phone to last longer than 2 years, let alone 2 weeks.

@ Verizon / HTC -- What do you plan to do to address this issue and the thousands of people running into it?

@ Others -- are you noticing this? I've read about this on a bunch of other forums too.



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Re: Corners of my red HTC 8X are turning black

I've had the blue model a little over two weeks but have experienced any discoloration(yet) but I've read about it elsewhere.  I doubt there's much Verizon can do to address it really.  Since it's not related to the functioning of the hardware, it's probably deemed low importance.   More or less sounds like a manufacturing/design flaw, hopefully this is just isolated only to the corners and not the entire body of the phone.

At least it's not too noticeable, hopefully it will stay that way and not get worse.  I don't know Verizon's return policy, but you could probably return it and switch to the Nokia, though you'd be stuck with AT&T then.

Re: Corners of my red HTC 8X are turning black

I have a red 8X as well, and the corners are starting to bother me. Lots of people are experiencing this VERY noticeable issue.

However, I LOVE my 8X, and I'd rather have a phone that looks good for two years than one that looks good for two weeks, so I'm going to see if I can exchange red for black.

Re: Corners of my red HTC 8X are turning black

I have the blue one...same problem...funny part is that I dropped when I tripped talking on it. The thing hits the ground face first bounces up and slides across the asphalt on its back. The deep scratches buffed out of the plastic and it remained it seems odd that if it is solid blue...why would the corners be any different and loose color...because it seems to be solid blue.