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So, I finally answered a call from an 866 number I didn't recognize and found that it was from the "Verizon Wireless Customer Loyalty" department where they were trying to get me to agree to leave my unlimited data plan and go to another plan.  She said it would save me $16 / month, but the reality of it was that it would cost me a lot more for data and that I would be forever off the unlimited data plan.  (Her plan would only give me 500MB/month.)

So, instead of just hanging up on her, I decided to ask her why VZW wasn't as loyal to its customers as we have been to them.  (I've been with them for over 16 years now.)  I pointed out three main areas of concern for me:

  • Coverage in my area is a serious problem.  Even though the map says we have full coverage, when talking to the network people, they acknowledge the area is full of people that have been forced to buy femtocells (aka Network Extender.)  I asked why we were required to pay an additional fee to get coverage that is already promised and paid for.  (Especially since I'm less then 3 miles from one of their stores and Verizon has a huge complex in the city.)
  • I pointed out the serious lack of Windows Phones and explained that a lot of people want more variety.  We go into the store and see tons of other devices, but only a couple of Windows Phones (and they dumped their flagship device after only a few months.)  I pointed out how badly I am often treated when I go into stores to help other people (friends & family) buy devices because I want to show them all the possibilities, not just Android & Apple.  Later in the conversation, she pointed out that I could get "free" upgrades right now, but I once again pointed out that there were no Windows Phones at Verizon that I wanted.  (But did point out the 1520 device over at AT&T that would be acceptable.)
  • I had another point, but I can't remember what it is right this second.

During the conversation, she kept trying to deflect the problems by telling me that she was with the loyalty department, to which I kept asking why Verizon Wireless was not as loyal to the customers as we've been to VZW.  She would tell me to contact customer service, but explain I've tried that many times.  I've even tried contacting executives within the company, but nobody seems to really care about the customer needs or desires.

At that point, I think she was completely exasperated with me - I don't think she expected me to explain to her the problems we've been having.  Finally, she just said if I had any questions to call some number and hung up.  She wasn't rude, but I would have preferred for her to actually listen to what I said and try to escalate the problems.  (She also asked for permission to go into my account, which I told her "No!", but she did anyways.)

Now I'm wondering if they'll go ahead and make the changes..... even though I specifically told them not to.  (I wouldn't be the first time.)

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