Data working one minute, out the next.

when I tried to check email it Configured via Verizon and US, then nothing.  Error Code: 80072FA8. cannot connect to email, web anything. Help!

Turned it off fully then on, nothing.

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Re: Data working one minute, out the next.
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Hi bleudemon,

I know how important being able to access email and web is especially for smartphone users like yourself. If you don't have access to any service that uses data I recommend to first remove the battery and leave out for 30 seconds. Insert the battery and power device back on. Once it's back on follow the steps on to ensure data is turned on in the phone. Retest normal browsing and if it's successful please retest email. If the error in email continues please provide the email provider that is currently established. If the browsing fails I want you to verify that WiFi is turned off and provide the signal being received on the device. Is it 3G or 1X?

Thank you,
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