Device Driver Update...General Install error

I have the Pantech UML290.  I have intalled and uninstalled SEVERAL times the software. When I run the .exe it tells me its installing the driver; however, it stops and I get a message of GENERAL INSTALL ERROR.  Once I hit ok, it will finish installing VZ Access.  I cannot use my device.  I have tried inserting it into all 3 ports on my laptop and no luck.

I am installing (2807b) for Windows 7 32/64 bit.  When I connect my device it tells me that it cannot locate my driver.  I even go to device manager, click on the yellow icon and select to update driver however the driver can never be found. 

Windows 7 PC

64 bit

Lenovo X230

Very frustrated.  I work in IT and I have NEVER had problems installing anything until NOW.  I have searched the internet for hours to see if the driver exists somewhere and I find nothing except links back to the link I have already used.

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