Disappointed by the 928, Verizon, Nokia, and Microsoft
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I purchased the Nokia 928 shortly after the launch date because I wanted to like the new platform - I really did, and at $99 for a flagship smartphone, where could I go wrong? The answer? Nokia 928.

I'm on my second as of now, the first kept freezing, and I received a replacement. This one, my second, keeps freezing randomly (I've been trying to see if there's a certain app that freezes it), and Verizon's only answer has been to do the hard reboot - which works until it freezes again. I'd also add that the 4G quality is God-awful and almost always in 3G. I blame this on the phone because, next to other Verizon phones in the Delaware Valley, the 928 is the only one with sub-par service when put next to friends' Galaxies, iPhones, and the like. Also, when it is in 4G, it runs about as fast as a 1996 Compaq connecting to AOL 3.0. Verizon's answer? Turn it off and on, or put it in airplane mode. I do this, it works for a few minutes, and then back to 3G or 1996.

This is a terrible phone. The UI is quite exquisite, but is it worth having when one cannot connect to the data network and always be in worry of freezing? I say no. I blame Verizon because they should have told Nokia to shove this phone where the sun don't shine when they presented it to them, and told them to come back when they had a good product. I'm at the point where I don't even want a new 928; I'd just as rather fork over $500 for a new Android device.

I've always sided with Verizon through phone contracts for 2 reasons: great customer service, and outstanding coverage. They have failed on both accounts, and I'll certainly be switching to either a T-Mobile or AT&T contract when my current is done with Verizon, or possibly sooner.

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Disappointed by the 928, Verizon, Nokia, and Microsoft
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It's too bad you have had a bad experience, my Lumia doesn't have any of these issues.