Does Verizon owe (in the sense of public relations) their Windows Phone users some answers?
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Between the excessive delay of the release of Cyan and now the rumor of a discontinued Icon (flagship Windows phone), does Verizon owe some sort of communication (in the sense of public relations) to their customers to quell fears and questions about their customer support?

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My opinion is yes but I don't think we will hear S*** from the M**** as they have a number of trolls doing their bidding.

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Yes, the company needs to communicate with its customers what they their plans are.  This way, customers can make their own decisions about what devices they're going to purchase as well as changing plans to accommodate Verizon.

Purposefully keeping customers in the dark is very unprofessional.

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They should, but general experiance with most people looking for WPs says otherwise.  While at the local store to upgrade my wife's iPhone to their latest offering I asked about the 950s.  I was told they had no idea what the companies plans were and wouldn't until a crate of handsets was delivered to them.  Not sure how you run a business when you never know what you'll be doing tomorrow, but that seems to be their MO.

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Verizon doesn't "OWE" customers any explanations. It would be nice if they would offer up some info, and it would probably be a good pr move, but they NEVER said they'd provide information on upcoming phones, plans, pricing, etc. The deal is that you pay them a monthly fee, and they provide cellular coverage for you. And that's the deal.

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You are correct. As a private business they don't  "owe" anybody but their shareholders anything.  They are perfectly free to piss off their customers and drive them away.  If they do it enough they are free to go bankrupt and go out of business.  What the OP was asking was if people thought that Verizon talking to us like it had a clue would be a good idea.  As for them agreeing to provide me cellular coverage that is only partly true because of all the limitations they put on that coverage.  I need a device that works on their almost propritary bandwidth and it has to be a device that they have given prior approval to and that they control absolutely.  But you are right, they don't "owe" us much of anything.