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Does Verizon really care about the windows phones??

I recently bought the Nokia 928 and as a "tech-impaired" person I am really happy with it. This is my second smart phone and I find it much easier to navigate than my Motorola Droid 3.   My co-worker (who is similarly impaired!) wanted to update to her first smart phone and had visited her local Verizon store to browse the various phones.  All that was EVER mentioned to her or shown were various Razrs, the Samsung Galaxies, and of course I-phones.  She saw the 928 demo phone there but it was never even offered as a choice so she didn't ask about it.  When she saw my phone she asked my thoughts, and asked to "play" with it.  I showed her some of the things she could do that I have found to be not difficult.  Bottom line she decided she liked the ease of operation, knew she did NOT need Suri and thought the Samsung Galaxy S 4 had way too many features for what she would ever need. She went back to the store and they did not even have a 928 in stock.  They did order her one, but she said that I knew way more about what the phone could do than anyone there.  I told her to ask about the 25 dollar gift certificate available through the end of June that could be used for Microsoft apps, they knew NOTHING about that either.  When I bought my phone I asked the store rep who was helping me (in a different town) and she was also unaware of it; but at least she found out and helped me set up a Microsoft account and got the certificate onto my phone.  She laughed and admitted she really knew very little about the Windows phone set up.  It really does seem that Verizon just doesn't care much about this platform and does not give their customers this choice since they virtually ignore that it even exists.

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