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Does the Trophy ever shut down while charging??

Got a Trophy back in May, loved it, then it started having a few issues. The very first time I went to charge it, I noticed that it wouldn't shut off. If I held down the power button while it was plugged in, it would turn off, but as soon as I let go, it would turn right back on. Same thing if it was turned off before I plugged it in. Usually, the only time I turn off a phone is while it's charging, so this was a bit inconvenient. I let it go, since it wasn't a major problem. My phone had been damaged slightly right after I received it, so I thought maybe it was related.

Yesterday, I went into one of the local Verizon stores (we have three) to inquire about getting a diagnostic on my phone due to some other issues, and they just decided to send me a replacement. Today, I received it, and I plugged in my new one to charge it, and lo and behold, it does the same thing - no shut-off while charging. Is this a programming quirk of Windows Phone 7? Is this an issue with the Trophy that other Windows Phones don't have? Does my charger have a problem? Anybody in the know?

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Re: Does the Trophy ever shut down while charging??

Yup, par for the course. Why do you need it to off while charging? Perhaps get a separate battery charger and do it that way?