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Hi! I've had my HTC 8X for about a month now and have had alot of issues that I didn't have to deal with on previous phones (like Android). Things like the speaker cracking and distorting about 3 times a week and having to reboot the phone in order to get clear sound, quite a few reboots, the device not recognizing my SIM card and having to reboot for it to recognize it, and the device not recognizing the charger for about 7 minutes until I unlock the phone and lock it again (even then it doesn't even charge to 100%). Is there a way to cancel my plan and re-subscribe for service to get another device? If possible I wanted to do it all same-day. Is this possible without being charged the ETF because its only been a month.

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Nope, 14 day wfg

That being stated, you sure had had a lot of problems with that phone..I know a few coworkers that love it..have you gotten a replacement yet?

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@GiftedSoul, I'm sorry to learn that you have had several issues with your new HTC device. You have a 14 day Worry Free Guarantee which allows you to return or exchange your device for any reason within that time period. Thereafter the 14 days, we provide a one year manufacturer warranty which covers your device for any software issues.

Have you tried master resetting your device to remove any potential software issue that may be causing these problems? Click here for the steps to hard reset your phone, .

Early Termination fees are billed to your account if you cancel services before your contractual agreement expires and this fee cannot be waived. I hope this information addresses your concerns. ^LH