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G'zone phone defect

I bought a G'zone phone back in june of 2011, now it has developed cracks where the lid flips closed. This has happened through normal use. Does anyone know of any existing issues with these phones that Verizon is honoring as a Known Defect. This phone wasnt cheap and supposed to be "Ruggedized"


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Re: G'zone phone defect

If you try this suggestion, I don't know if Verizon would regard it as being persuasive.

What you could do is comb through the Ravine 1 (I assume that that's the model you're referring to) customer reviews on different sights and then print a compiled list of the comments that testify about the innate physical deficiencies in the phone -- either the deficiency you experienced or some other one about the Ravine 1.

While I was recently for the first time reading at the customer comments for previous Casio models (the Rock and the Boulder), I was alarmed at the recurring complaint about the deficiency in the charging port -- same outcome over and over where the charging port on the phone either permanently stopped working or became separated from the rest of the phone.

We have the Ravine 2.  At Verizon's website, some customers have reported that the internal screen has either died or has severely malfunctioned.

The rugged phones that may have better odds of surviving are the Motorola Barrage and the first gzone the Type-V (and possibly the Type-S).

If this will be of any help, here are some of the places that I can think of with Ravine1 customer reviews. I had only gotten as far as reading the second customer review at that ebay link (below) when I already came across a testimony similar to yours.

Created: 11/19/11 by Member texas4.250

"[...] I bought two of these [Ravine1] brand new about 6 months ago and now both are done. I'm currently using my old type S which is still going strong in spite of it's battered exterior [...] The last one died of a broken hinge. While always a vulnerable spot on a flip phone, you would expect this to be a beefed up spot on a "ruggedized" phone. In this case there's actually less re-inforcement than on the earlier types and it is pitifully weak in this area."







Re: G'zone phone defect
Customer Support

Hi whitcoffin,

We want you to have a phone that works and would not want you to be walking around with a damaged phone. Lets get this issue resolved. What type of phone do you have?

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Re: G'zone phone defect

I have a gzone brigade

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