Re: GDR3 update for Lumia 822
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I just noticed on VZW, Advanced Devices - Software Updates | Verizon Wireless page that the 822 has an Last Updated as today.  Signs of black being released today? Last week the date was 02/2013 (don't remember the exact date).

Also it seems the 'Benefits of Software Upgrade' pdf has been update as well,  Lists the software version as 3051.40000.1352.0042 (which is higher version than my 822 with Update 3 preview installed).  Screenshots show's Nokia Camera and Storyteller as well.

Re: GDR3 update for Lumia 822
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It's out! The update primortal mentioned is indeed Black. I just downloaded and installed the update today on my 822, and everything is working great here. Afterwards I was able to download and install Nokia Camera (which previously with Amber installed, it said it wasn't available for download on the 822). It's the best of Nokia Pro and Nokia Smart Cam. Nokia Black should keep people happy until 8.1 - just chill out people, good things are worth waiting for.

By the way, just a friendly hint to all the would-be journalists who wrote up stories less than a week ago spreading rumors that the 822 would never get Black - don't trust random pricks on Reddit or anywhere else on the internet. It's incredible that a couple of sites actually ran with that story. Welcome to the internet, people. Bring lots of salt. Smiley Sad