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Get Windows Phone 8.1 now legitimately!

Ok everyone, for those who have waited patiently for Verizon to release the Windows Phone 8.1 update to no avail, I have found a way to get the update now safely and legitimately. I just installed it on our 2 Lumia 928's and 822. It works flawlessly on both. Its called Windows Phone 8.1 preview for developers. Some of you may have heard of this, but like me thought it was for companies or programers and cost money. Actually Microsoft has opened this program up for anyone who wants to make apps for Windows Phone including ordinary phone users like you and me without even having programming skills. So after fully reading up on it, it was clear that this was real and legitimate. Microsoft even supplies guides and tools to help persons with no code programming experience to make simple apps to help build the app store. With this method you can actually install Windows Phone 8.1, develop and test your own or others apps or you can just install Windows Phone 8.1 and not do anything else. As I said, I installed it on my wife's, son's and my own phone. I do plan to try and make a app or two. You don't have make a app to just to  keep Windows Phone 8.1. The bottom line is all phones on Verizon call get this update right now.

Read and follow the instructions on the link below. You will need a Microsoft Account(Live, Outlook, MSN or Hotmail.)

1. 1st register for the program with your Microsoft Account at

2. Download on your phone Preview Developers app in the Windows Phone Store and run it from your phone.

3. Once the Developers app is completed go to setting on your phone and run the phone update.

For me it took 2 pre-updates to bring my phone current before it updated the 3rd and final update to Windows 8.1

Here is the link to the complete info and instructions. All you need to know about the Windows Phone 8.1 'Preview for Developers' | Windows Phone Central

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Re: Get Windows Phone 8.1 now legitimately!

Anyone crying about getting the update probably knows how to get the developer preview.  What people really want is Cyan.