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Goodbye Verizon!
Enthusiast - Level 2

For months now, I have been having issues with your service. Granted, customer technicians have tried to be helpful in pinpointing the issue, however all attempts have resulted in zero success.

You've sent me different phones (refurbished).

You've sent me brand new phones.

Nothing has fixed the problem,

This early morning, around 1:00 a.m., it happened again, waking me up from a sound sleep. "Furious" is a word that can barely describe what I'm felling right now.

My text message indicator goes off, announcing I have a new text. Everyone that knows me, knows better than to send me texts or call me anytime after 9 p.m., as I'm already asleep. Groggily, I reach over to grab the phone, and check the message, hoping beyond hope that it's nothing to do with my uncle, or Grandmother who are both ill. No, it was just a regular unimportant text sent to me by my cousin....who sent it 4 HOURS AGO!!!!!! Why are these text messages getting stored (Yes, it says STORED underneath the original time the text was sent). voice mail notifier goes off, informing me I have one....My phone NEVER rang prior to this message, and there is NO missed call indicated. Playing back the message, there is NO timestamp on it letting me know when this message was left. From the message, it's obvious, this too, was STORED, or delayed in getting to me, as this friend never calls before 8 p.m. (because of his work schedule).

1. Text messages not coming through until up to 4 hours later. (messages appear to be "stored" until some random time)

2. Phone does not ring, and goes right to voicemail for my callers.

3. No missed call is indicated

4. Voice mails are "stored", and no time/date stamp is on message to indicate when it was left.

This type of service is unreliable and UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I will NOT sit on the phone with tech service for another hour, trying the same old 228 update/remove & replace battery hoop jumping.

These forums make it clear that I'm not the only one having these issues, yet Verizon is clueless, or maybe uncaring, in resolving this problem.

I'm done with you.

For the amount of time I have left on my contract with you, it'd be cheaper for me to pay the early termination fee, moving onto a more reliable service provider, and washing my hands clean of this lousy service.

I'm done with you, and sorry to inform you, am taking some family members, and friends with me.

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Re: Goodbye Verizon!

Sounds like an internal setting on your device, and not a VZW issue. The word STORED, tells me it is the device, as VZW does not send that comment out with messages.

There is an app called Silent Time (If you have a Smartphone) which will silence the phone for the hours you choose and you can set up exceptions so the device will still send a tone for a call or text from those individuals.

Are your friends and family willing to pay the ETF to leave?? I suspect no.

Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Enthusiast - Level 2

An internal setting on 5 different phones?

That would mean it's a default setting, right?

Thing is, when this issue first began, I had that current phone for well over a year, and hadn't made any changes that to the phone that would do this.

It's not a SmartPhone, it's a basic phone w/slide out keyboard.

And yes, with this issue happening so frequently, the friends and family mentioned above WILL drop VZW.

What's smarter....paying the $175 ETF, or paying $60 (roughly) a month for another 14-16 months?

Thanks for your input, though, budone....Verizon, by the way, has already recognized and admitted it's their system, and not any of the phones.

Re: Goodbye Verizon!

How annoying! We've also had issues with messages not showing up or calls going straight to voicemail without the phone ringing. Not sure whether your issue is the same as hours, but here's something to try... what have you got to lose, right?

Dial *73 to make sure that call forwarding is disabled.

Dial *228 and choose option 2 and wait for it to finish (it takes several minutes on my phone). This will update the roaming list on your phone.

Remove the battery, wait 10-15 seconds, reinsert the battery and power up.

Good luck!

P.S. The whole issue with the roaming list *is* in fact an issue with Verizon's network... and agree with you -- the issue is *not* with your phone or apps or anything you did.

Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Enthusiast - Level 2


Thanks for your input and response Smiley Happy

One of the first tech's I spoke with so long ago thought it might be that call forwarding issue. However, all the problems that I'm having with this phone are frequent, but not continuously happening. Phone calls and text message do sometimes come through in real-time, but it's becoming rare.

Just for the hell of it, I tried the *228 process everyday for 1 week.

It had no affect. All the issues remained.

Now that I've calmed down since my initial rant, I must admit that the actual Verizon tech's are doing what they can to pinpoint the issues. The sales clerks in the store are useless, for it's far from their area of expertise.

The last tech I spoke to, two days ago, Joseph, made me a firm promise that he would get to the bottom of this.

He went in and credited my account, waiving my current bill.

He also asked me to keep a log, or journal of all the missed calls/text messages relating to the issues I'm having, and then call back when I have dates/times/numbers/locations from these experiences.

Once he has this information, he said he will be able to better determine the problem.

The very next day, Friday Sept. 28, I already have a page full of these occurrences.

His thoughts that maybe I was having problems because of  the area I was in were voided out when I told him I drive an 18-wheeler all over the state, and have this problem in more than one "area".

I've got enough data now for him to really dive into this and see what is going on with their network.

Twice he promised me he would solve this.

I bluntly told him that I was holding him to his word, and that I meant what I said that I was going to leave, along with others that I know who are following the progress here. This is Verizon's last chance.

I'll keep posting here should any revelations arise.

Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Customer Service Rep

Hello Canon_Kayaker71,

Having extremely delayed messages and voicemails are never good, and even worse when they wake you up in the middle of the night.  I truly appreciate the time you've taken in trying to resolve this issue as well as express it here for the community.

I am glad to hear that our Technical Support has been trying everything in their power and I look forward to their response.  I want you to know that we really do care about you and how your services function!

Please keep us posted!


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Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Enthusiast - Level 2

Thank you for the reply Melissa,

As of right now, this very moment, issues continue to plague me with not getting phone calls from time to time. Even one of your own, Karen (not sure what department, perhaps customer service) had called and my phone never rang. Nor did I get a missed call alert. She left a message, informing me that the text message issues I was having should be resolved. The phone call issue, however, was still being investigated. Both of these issues were put onto a trouble ticket on September 30.

When I got Karen's message (the voicemail alert was immediate), I spent the next 45 minutes on the phone with yet another Tier 2 tech, Javier.

I was flabbergasted to learn from him that I had ZERO open trouble tickets. According to his notes on the matter, the text message issue was cleared up, so the the trouble ticket was closed. No where in those "notes" was anything said about the phone call issue.

Having to prove to him that someone from his company did call me, and left a message telling me that the phone call issue was still being investigated, I wound up giving him my voicemail password so that he could hear the message himself.

Only then was yet another trouble ticket opened concerning the issue with the phone calls.

Needless to say, I was beyond angry.

I told Javier to put in the notes that if this "investigation" comes up empty, then I'm done.

Everything is documented...missed calls, stored text messages, delayed voice mail messages and alerts. Every single person I spoke to at Verizon, the date and the time, and the reason for the call. I'm well prepared to take this to small claims court if I am presented with an early termination fee for cancelling my service, and any other pro-rated fees due at the time of cancellation.

But like I wrote above, this is Verizon's last chance.

Every Tech I've spoken to has given me a different reason for what might be wrong.

This morning, yet another Verizon rep called me, and I once again had to explain the issue (aren't there reference notes given to these people before they call?). Once again, it's back to probably being a phone issue.

I'm tired of the runaround, and the jumping through hoops.

Who in their right mind would put up with this type of unreliable service for so long?

I think I've been extremely patient while I endure the investigations, all the while having the issues with the phone/service continuously happen.

Supposedly I'm to get a call within 48 to 72 hours regarding the registration of the phone and my area.

This is the final move of the game....the outcome will be decided on what that phone call reveals.

Many others, other than this Verizon community, are anxiously awaiting the way this goes down.

I must highly commend each and every Verizon employee that I've spoken to, however.

Every single one of them has conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner, even during the times where my temper briefly got the best of me, for which I apologized to them for. Dimitra (sp?) and Javier were especially wonderful, as their cool demeanor had the ability to calm me down, and bring me back to a more civil state of mind.

I have no doubts that the issues I'm having are being looked into. That being said, though.....the fact remains that I am not getting the service that I am paying for. Phone CALLS are the primary reason people have a phone, and if that system is failing me, why stay?

Thank you.


Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Contributor - Level 3

I find this post to be (deleted content) for a number of reasons. It appears that you want your phone to work 100% of the time, all of the time, and if you get hit an early term fee you will take VZW to court. may I suggest you read your contract prior to wasting time and effort. You say you are a truck driver. Which means you travel. Which means there is always a cell phone tower hand off and possiblity of roaming. Your service is not guaranteed in these situations, and cannot be guaranteed when roaming. What about when you are in bed? Guess what, service is not guaranteed inside structures, and the topography of the area can also interfere. Also, if you have a "missed call" and your phone does not ring, your missed call indicator will not ring as well. Because the device did not register a call. Phone calls are a primary reason people have a phone, but no provider, no matter who you threaten to switch to, is going to GUARANTEE service. It just wont happen, period. Each tech is giving you different reasons as well because there ARE different reasons why you could be having issues! Im gonna rule on this as aphone issue, but also an (deleted content...please keep your post family friendly) error., or the error existing between the chair and the keyboard. and if others 'allegedly" are going to leave depending on your outcome - let em go. I hope they realize their ETF's will be valid charges.

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Re: Goodbye Verizon!
Enthusiast - Level 2


Thanks for your input.

A vast majority of these missed calls, and "stored" text messages happen while here at home, and not on the road. While on the road, there are certain cities (in the country) that I'm well aware of that have low to zero coverage. In large population areas, I'm talking any of the Metro-Detroit suburbs, Verizons map blankets the area.

I'm also aware that if no phone call is "registered", there won't be a missed call alert. How could there be, right?  (what is an i-d-10 error? this is the first I've heard of it?)

Interesting point you bring up about topography, though...that had crossed my mind.

Why then, would another persons phone (also a Verizon customer) work in this exact same spot, while my phone sits there silent?

That is what makes no sense. Being that this is the 3rd style/model phone they've sent me to try, all of which encounter this problem, I would tend to believe that it's not the phone.....I mean, really? Everyone of them being defective is lousy luck I say.

As for the ETF for family & friends...I never said their departure would be immediate....we are well aware that they have no grounds to file a dispute against the fee. If they choose to cancel their contract early, and pay the fee, that's their business. I, on the other hand, am fighting. My detailed contract that I signed is already being looked at.

You incorrectly assume that I expect this phone to work 100% of the time.

That would be naive of me, and anyone else who hasn't been living under a rock since Cell service began. No, I expect outages, and disturbances every so often. The issues that have been ongoing in this particular case far exceed "every so often".  (Sprint & AT&T also have these same issues every once in awhile...and don't ask anyone about T-Mobile...oh the horror stories I've

If this wasn't happening every other day, with 80% of the time being here at home, I wouldn't be so adamant about getting this resolved. I've been with Verizon for over a decade, and do not want to switch....that is not my objective, nor has it been since the problems began. But the frequency and consistency of the issues is unbearable.

What happens if I switch, and say......Metro PCS, or even Sprint gives me the same issues..?

Is landline service still available????   LOL!

Anyways, thanks again for your input mrpearsoy....always nice to get everyone's opinion, and in your case, bring up points that haven't been mentioned yet. 😃

Re: Goodbye Verizon!

To answer the question about two VZW phones at your home and one working and yours does not.

Antenna strength

One,may be on 3G service, while the other is on 4G. There are not as many 4g antennas in place yet.

One has an Alltel plan one has a VZW plan. (Though I doubt that if you are in the 3 county area of SE MI. As Alltel never provided service there. But it could be a reason)