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HTC 8X Windows Phone Texting, Missed Calls, and Turn-Off Issues!

First let me say that I've had my Windows 8x phone almost since they first came out and HAVE LOVED IT UP UNTIL the last 5 to 6 months so I don't think the problems are in the hardware or have anything to do with a "paper" SIM card (although - how could I know because we can't take the COVER off!)

Anyway, about 5 - 6 months ago, I started noticing the following:

  • my battery life (which used to be FANTASTIC) was occasionally dying very rapidly but then would be fine again
  • I'm getting "No Service" in places where I SHOULD BE.
  • My text messages no longer go through.  Once and awhile I can get them to go through and then they're locked out again.  I've tried all of the tricks people have mentioned on this board - sometimes they work; sometimes they don't. Nothing is consistent.  Nothing seems to REALLY fix it.
  • My phone is turning off even when I DO still have quite a bit of battery left.
  • My phone will be sitting right in front of me, will NOT ring, and I'll pick it up later only to see that I've "missed" 3 calls!

I've been quite fed up with a phone that I USED to love and I've been quite fed up with Verizon!

SOMETHING has changed in the past several months and I wish SOMEONE would tell us what it is!

I contacted Verizon over the weekend and asked what could be done since I'm not eligible to upgrade until December.  Based on everything I've read on this board, I wasn't interested in getting a replacement phone of the same type and I need a phone that works.  I simply wanted them to waive my upgrade constraint so I could get a reliable phone. ONE representative tried to help me but our call was mysteriously cut off!  He didn't call ME back and when I tried to call back in, I wasn't able to reconnect with him.  The next rep I got was the typical drone that only knew how to follow the standard script and had me take my SIM card in and out to make sure it was installed properly (GIVE ME A BREAK!) etc., etc.!  Once I successfully proved that I was not a Tier 1 bloody idiot, I had the pleasure of waiting two hours to be connected to Tier 2 support. (Thankfully after being hold for about 45 minutes, the rep offered to call me back and actually did once he reached Tier 2 support).  Both reps acted as if they'd NEVER HEARD of these issues before but after stating THAT, surprisingly, the Tier 2 rep, was THEN able to tell me whether customers WERE or WERE NOT satisfied after receiving replacement phones. 

Anyway - it looked like my only option was to agree to a replacement phone and their scary letter about how if I return MY phone it is is deemed "damaged" that I may be charged up to $500!  Well, now that I look at it, the replacement phone has the same software version on it that MINE does so HOW IS IT GOING TO BE ANY BETTER THAN MINE IS?! 

I am so disgusted.  Verizon can break our phones but feels absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY to FIX them and then treats US like we're at FAULT!  All I want is a phone that works!  I NEED a phone that works.  And with the prices we're all paying, it is certainly a REASONABLE request!

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Re: HTC 8X Windows Phone Texting, Missed Calls, and Turn-Off Issues!
Customer Support


Wow, you are definitely experiencing a number of issues. I know how important it is to have a functional phone and I want to make sure we can get yours working again. Have you activated the replacement device yet? If so, have you noticed improvement? While upgrades are available on your upgrade date, we do have additional options if you would like to get a different device. Our Device Payment plan allows you to purchase a device and pay it off over 12 months. For additional information you can click here:

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Re: HTC 8X Windows Phone Texting, Missed Calls, and Turn-Off Issues!

Andrea -

Thank you. I do appreciate your response. I was hesitant to bother but I

did activate the replacement phone and I will admit that SO FAR (about 4

days) that it is functioning OK. I have it set to NOT do any updates. The

NEED to do that bothers me a bit but that may be the only way to "survive"

the situation. I am still having problems with spotty reception is some

locations, but at least it isn't telling me that I have no service. The

battery has been back to full functionality and I'm able to send and

receive texts again.

I'm still angry that this type of thing can happen and that Verizon makes

no concessions, but I do appreciate the replacement phone and hope that it

keeps working.

Thanks again for your response.

On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 8:52 AM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <

Re: HTC 8X Windows Phone Texting, Missed Calls, and Turn-Off Issues!
Customer Support

Hi Shopper7287,

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! I am glad to see that your were able to successfully activate your replacement and that your are no longer experiencing "No Service" issues. We are here if you have any additional questions or concerns.



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