HTC 8X stuck in reboot loop - Power Button?

My 2-year-old daughter handed me my HTC 8X in its OtterBox case last night, and it was in an eternal reboot loop. She didn't have any liquids with her, so I'm not sure what started this rebooting cycle this time. It seems to be a power button issue. I have a tiny screwdriver separating the power button from making contact, and that seems to be stopping the looping, but I'm afraid to move or touch the phone, and I had to turn off the power-saving screen turn-off because I can't use the power button to turn the phone back on, which just starts the reboot cycle all over again. Help!! It's a holiday (of course!) and I'd like to be able to communicate with my family and friends... Suggestions or fixes?

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Re: HTC 8X stuck in reboot loop - Power Button?
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Help is here! We're glad you were able to find a way to stop to it from power cycling all the time, but we need to get it fixed. I know you said there is no liquid damage, but what about physical damage?

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