HTC 8x not working after OS update 8.0.10501.127

Since last upgrade, OS update 8.0.10501.127, old problems are back, HTX 8x can't recognize SIM Card, Can't open PDF from email, Can't open .WAV file from email and Can't share internet with Surface 2.  All of these problems existed when I purchased this phone from Verizon.  However, over time, these common uses of the phone, which by the way worked flawlessly in prior versions of Windows Mobile so this is not cutting edge technology we are talking about, began to finally work after various updates were installed. 

But since OS update 8.0.10501.127, all the above problems are back.  Please help VZW.  Do I roll back the last update?  Is that possible?  Are you ever going to release 8.1 that you and HTC have been sitting on for almost a year? 

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Re: HTC 8x not working after OS update 8.0.10501.127
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Hi VentureProgress,

Software updates are supposed to improve the device! I am sorry to hear that this did not occur. Let's get your issues resolved. What happens when you attempt to open a PDF from email? What happens when you share the internet with Surface 2? Do you receive an error message? Once the device has been updated, it is unable to roll back to the previous software version. We have no info on when the 8.1 update will be released for this device, you can keep up with the latest device news here .

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Re: HTC 8x not working after OS update 8.0.10501.127


1) Can't find Sim card happens randomly throughout the day.  Have to shut down and restart phone.

2) PDF: "Can't open attachment  Oops! We are not sure what is wrong but we can't open this file."  It is a simple 2 page PDF of a word doc attached to an email.  Used to be able to open fine.

3) Internet Sharing with Surface: Can't duplicate verbatim message at this time but Surface recognizes Windows Phone as a WiFI option, tries to connect, and spits out an error message that can't connect and if I'd like to troubleshoot, which I do to no avail.  Happens randomly in certain environments/networks but used to work without issue in those same locations.

All of these issues, I thought, were fixed over the past 20 months but since OS update 8.0.10501.127, they are back.  Any relation?

What exactly did OS update 8.0.10501.127 do?

Thanks for your help.