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HTC Trophy Accessories - Please share what and where!

Evidently, Verizon does not really care about this missed revenue opportunity.  I have yet to stop by a Verizon store (retail or partner) where there are any Trophy accessories in stock.  That includes major cities like Tampa, Boston, and Atlanta.  Shame on you.  Thank goodness for Amazon.

Picked up some cool cases during the holidays:

PDair Luxery Silicon Case - Coolest case I have seen for the Trophy yet.  Found this through a coworker in CA who purchased one for his Trophy.  $20 - no holla.  Just be aware that the case does ship from China.  Doesn't cost more, just takes a little longer to get your order.  Worth the wait!  Covers all of the phone except for the screen. Button access is good, as is access to all of the speakers and ports.

Case Mate Safe Skin - Started off as a favorite, until I found the PDair.  The case is black, silicon, covers the phone corners, and provides good button and port access.

And while reading some screen-film reviews, I came across this:

Skinomi TechSkin - If you like bubbles on your screen, I can hook you up!  I am the WORST at putting on screen protectors.  That is probably the main reason why I like the Skinomi so much.  IT IS as advertised.  Spray the provided liquid on the film and place the film over the Trophy screen.  Allow 48 hours to set and dry.  You can still use the phone at that time, but after 2 days there will be NO BUBBLES.  The film texture does not bother the responsiveness of the phone and the texture is very forgiving with scratches.  Had my Trophy in my hoodie pocket with my car keys.  While there were a few scratches or indentations on the screen, they were gone by the next morning.  I can't say enough good things about this protector.

If you get a moment, please share what accessories you were able to find and where!

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Re: HTC Trophy Accessories - Please share what and where!
Verizon Employee

Hello MadDogFL62,

Sorry you had such a difficult time finding accessories for your HTC Trophy!  Thanks for providing other sources for obtaining these accessories as well.

I would also like to share a link to our site where you can purchase accessories for your Trophy here.

Thanks again,


VZW Support

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Re: HTC Trophy Accessories - Please share what and where!

Um, okay, Anthony...  I hit your "Trophy" link and found a 2 Trophy batteries and an HTC backplate.  Out of 73 items in the "Trophy Store", 3 are HTC/Trophy specific and the rest are DROID accessories and surplus.

Trolling the forums for unhappy Verizon customers is, I am sure, a thankless job.  Here's a helpful hint.  HTC, Case Mate, and several other companies carry skins, authentic/customized leather cases, and screen shields.  It would be a lot less insulting to your Verizon customer to point them to a page with HTC, or Windows Phone stuff in inventory and not a bunch of DROID garbage.  Again, no offense to you - not your decision to overcommit on undesirable DROID accessories.

In addition, I am thinking that you would get a much warmer reception in the Trophy and/or Windows Phone Forums if you could get your Executive Management Team to carry something more than DROIDS and iPhones,  Not everyone likes, is going to like, will like, or has to like the DROIDS.  And your decision to carry the iPhone seems to now be a big no-profit hardware deal that has done nothing but clog our network with Angry Bird players and questions to Siri.  Nice going.  Smiley Sad   Difference here, Anthony, is that we DO know who to blame for this screw-up.  Let the guilty parties know that they need some Nokia, HTC and Samsung Windows Phones added to the inventory.  Thanks for trying to help out.

Re: HTC Trophy Accessories - Please share what and where!

You're right it shows the out of stock extended life battery and cover along the with the standard battery and cover (doesn't my phone already have those?).    I'd even be happy with a universal case that doesn't push the minimal buttons on the phone.  The first day I had my Trophy in a Universal case that VZW recommends I ended up with 68 pictures of inside of the phone case.    Then I figured out how to disable the camera when the screen is locked.  Even for my wife's old Centro you could get a "face in" hard holster long after the phone was no longer offered.