HTC Windows 8X Issues


My partner and I both bought the HTC Windows Phone in January of 2013 and both phones are having the following issues:

  1. Text Messages Won't Go Through: Every now and then, our text messages will come back to us stating that it could not be sent and we either have to resend it about 4-5 times or turn the phone off and on and try to resend it. But the latter strategy doesn't work all the time.
  2. Sim Card Missing: Our phones will randomly tell us that the sim card is missing so calls can't be made or the calls that we're on are dropped. The sim card is covered by rubber cases that we purchased from Verizon so there's no way to access it.
  3. Phone Shuts On & Off: The phones shut themselves off even when there is sufficient battery power on it. When we go to turn the phone back on, it goes through the normal power on and when it should go to the normal phone tile screen, it says "Goodbye" and shuts off again. Sometimes it evens cycles through the whole turn on/"Goodbye" on it's own.

I have sent my phone back (which was having these issues) already to replace my camera, so my new phone isn't having as much problems as my partner's. But I noticed that the problems are starting to slowly show up again. My partner's phone is the original one from our January 2013 purchase and his has a lot of the problems.

Please help as we went into the Verizon Store and the rep there said all he could do was a hard reboot in the back room or something like that. that seemed to help for about a week. He said that this seemed to just be a problem with the phone. If that's the case, then why even sell a device with issues like these?


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