Have a current account with zero balance...but still have my old phone...could I reactivate the old one?
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Here's the deal...I have a current prepaid VZW account, but ran out of balance on it (exactly zero), but don't yet have the $$$ to refill it to make it active again. I have an old phone (same basic phone, except for older version) that is only about a year-and-a-half old. I was going to donate it to a charity or something like that, but I forgot all about it. I did the phone swap from it to my current phone a while back as well. If I reactivate the old phone, would I get the $10 bonus with a new number, and be able to use it as a temporary backup-type of phone ? Would VZW have a problem with that? It would only be a temporary situation, and would give me 60 days to try to refill the current phone. I would like to have an alternate number to use as a job contact number, and have no other number to use. Can I have two different online My Verizon accounts with the same name, address, etc. with two different phones with different numbers?

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