Help! Wifi issues

This is my first day with the lumia 928. I previously had the 822 but was having too many problems with it. I am now having some of the SAME problems with this phone. I cannot use wifi. My phone will connect to the wifi, but will not let me use any apps that require internet and I cannot go on the internet period unless wifi is shut off and I use my data. I have tried rebooting it and resetting it and deleting and re-adding the wifi on my phone. The issue does NOT have to do with the wifi itself, my ipod, computer, and my friends devices all connect without problem. I cannot do anything with the router anyway, since I am at college and it is their wifi. I am very frustrated at this because I have had this issue with my 822 and it never seems to get fixed. I have already used all of my data for the plan. Any suggestions?

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Re: Help! Wifi issues
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Let's explore options to get you connected to the WiFi on campus Sbrennan94! First thing to check is the Mobile Hotspot feature, as WiFi will not work if this feature is enabled. From the Start screen, swipe left to display the apps list. Select Settings. Select internet sharing. Select the "Sharing" On/Off switch and make sure is set to off. Then test your WiFi connection. Keep us posted.

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