Help please!!!

So I was on the internet on my Nokia lumia 928 when the phone got really hot and the screen started flickering and changed into a weird color before completely turning a greenish black that flickers on occasion. I've tried soft reset but nothing has seemed to help and I can't see anything on my menu screen to even try a hard reset. I just got a replacement phone a couple months ago and I hate to get a new one, I actually refuse to pay for a new one if this is going to keep happening. Does anyone know what happened, did it just overheat?  Should I wait at least 24 hours and try again? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Help please!!!
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Kandis22, Oh my! That sounds very strange. Let's check out a few thing to make sure that we do what we can to get you up and running. Was there any kind of physical or liquid damage to the device at all? Was the phone on the charger at all when this started? How long have you had this device? Let us know.


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