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Hey Verizon... Hire Me To Be In A Windows Phone 7 Commerical

Hey Verizon,


If you want a spokesperson for Windows Phone 7 I would be more than willing to be a sponsor and even available to be in a commercial if you want.


I know this phone already inside and out, so who else better than a user to show off the COOL FEATURES and PRACTICALITIES of the phone.  Which seems like that's all companies care about these days is the FAD and not the practicalities of the devices anymore. 


And we wonder why American's are no longer proud of putting a Made In The USA label on products anymore.  Get those quick dollars before the user realizes he was sold a LEMON!!!


I run a successful internet business so my time schedule is very busy and the money has to be right... but hey, I'm throwing it out there since you honestly haven't put thought into commercials yet.


Create commercials for Windows Phone 7 with users loving the product, playing with the product, and the easy of the product in their normal day to day lives... which with this phone, YOU ARE TRULY CONNECT TO THE WORLD!!!  It's not just a sales slogan but it's the truth.


I am upset that Verizon dragged it's feet as long as the did to finally release Windows Phone 7... BUT I AM GLAD YOU FINALLY DID; IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! 


The phone was worth the wait, not the aggravation and lack of product information that Verizon didn't provide!!!



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Re: Hey Verizon... Hire Me To Be In A Windows Phone 7 Commerical

LOL!  My wife has been telling me for a year now that Microsoft should be paying me - I hear ya!  I suppose ATT should have been paying me, since I steered a number of people to them before Verizon got their butts in gear (that Samsung Focus is a SWEET phone!), and now Verizon should be paying me as well, since I'm selling phones for them, too (not literally, but through word of mouth).


Verizon, we thank you for (finally) bringing out the Trophy, now step up to the plate and sell it.  While you're working on that, bring us some top-level hardware.  Thanks!