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High End Nokia Coming to VZW?

It still falls into the RUMOR category, but here is some news that will undoubtedly make many of us happy if it turns comes into being.  RUMOR: More affordable Windows Phones going to ATT and T-Mobile from Nokia, and a higher end Windows Phone coming to Verizon.  Let's hope that this one comes to pass:

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Re: High End Nokia Coming to VZW?

Considering I just got my HTC Trophy this week, I won't be jumping to a new WP7.5 device just yet, BUT, I will say in order for me to continue on the WP path Verizon will need to get behind it like they did with Android and start getting more hardware options.  Its not the OEM's that are the decision makers on what the carriers get its the carriers that tell the OEM's what they want in their phones.  We can likely get any GSM phone into a CDMA variant if Verizon wants it, but the decision is theirs.


So any news about a higher end WP's is a welcome rumor and reality.  My next WP device will come when we get 4G LTE, SLCD or SAMOLED+ displays etc, no big reason to jump until we get some real hardware worth upgrading for.